Dogs and puppies

Scooby, a 3-month-old male Basset/Spaniel-mix, thinks everything is meant for play (case 0261).

Zoey, a 3-month-old female Basset/Spaniel-mix, is a winning combination (case 0260).

Scout, a 15-month-old female Shepherd-mix, loves to play (case 0254).

Chyna, a 15-month-old female Shepherd-mix, is sweet as sugar (0253).

Max, a 5-month-old male Shepherd-mix, is a class clown (case 0250).

Chance, a 5-month-old male Whippet-mix, is fast and playful (case 0248).

Shelby, a 3-month-old female Shepherd-mix, is a real little lady (case 0243).

Kobe, a 4-month-old male Catahoula-mix, is the life of the party (case 0241).

Cassie, a 4-month-old female Catahoula-mix, looks like a tiger (case 0240).

Beethoven, a 2-year-old male Border Collie/Golden-mix, wants to be an only dog (case 0239).

Lassie, a 5-month-old female Border Collie-mix, needs someone to help her navigate this scary world (case 0231).

Rowdy, an 8-month-old lab-mix, has lot of enthusiasm (case 0228).

Quinn, a 4-month-old female Shepherd/lab-mix, is full of tail wags and kisses (case 0207).

Manni, a 1-year-old female Great Dane/Doberman-mix, knows basic obedience (case 0195).

Baxter, a 2-year-old male Cocker-mix, has the most soulful eyes (case 0176).

Tegan, a 7-month-old female Shepherd/Lab-mix, loves belly rubs (case 0142).

Ponch, a 3-month-old male Hound-mix, is full of tail wags and puppy kisses (case 0139).

Bonnie, a 12-week-old female Lab-mix, is as sweet as sugar (case 0132).

Vector, a 6-month-old male black Lab-mix, is a teenager — need we say more (case 0062).

Boomer, an 18-month-old Border Collie/Lab-mix, is ready to give 100 percent (case 0045).

Cats and kittens

Calypso, a 3-month-old long-haired calico, has unique markings (case 0258)

Dante, a 3-month-old long-haired gray kitty, is a real lady killer (case 0257).

Bentley, a 3-month-old male Siamese/tabby-mix, is very unique (case 0256).

Korey, a 3-month-old gray-and-white male, is a real purring machine (case 0242).

Snickers, a 3-month-old female calico, has a very unique coloring (case 0233).

Jazz, a 10-week-old female tabby, is a real purring machine (case 0221).

Nash, a 10-week-old male gray tabby, is just a little shy (case 0214).

Kit-Kat, a 4-month-old black-and-white male, is playful and fun. (case 0208)

Jenny, a 3-month-old female tabby, has a gorgeous patterned coat (case 0202).

Josie, a 10-week-old female tortie, has personality plus (case 0200).

Hanna is a 10-week-old black female, whose middle name is fun (case 0198).

Buffy, a 12-week-old black female, loves afternoon naps (case 0194).

Smokey, a 10-week-old gray female, is looking for a good time (case 0193).

Cinders, a 11-week-old gray female, is just a little sassy (case 0192).

Shadow, a 12-week-old gray female, is very playful (case 0191).

Paisley, a 10-week-old tortie female, is a real little spitfire (case 0187).

Nori, a 12-week-old female tabby, is as sweet as sugar (case 0181).

Farrah, an 12-week-old female tabby, is very athletic (case 0179).

Krista, an 13-week-old female tabby, loves belly rubs (case 0178).

Angie is an 13-week-old female tabby who loves to snuggle (case 0177).

Chanel, a 12-week-old female tortie, is looking for a human to serve her (case 0153).

Godiva, a 12-week-old female calico, is a real love bug (case 0152).

Katie, an 8-month-old orange female, is a diva in the making (case 0133).

Zebs is a 13-week-old black-and-white male, who is very, very, very active (case 0118).

Minnie, an 18-month-old female, has beautiful markings (case 0079).

Khloe is an 18-month-old white female with gorgeous tabby markings (case 0063).

Kiki, a 4 month-old  female diluted calico DLH, needs some TLC (case 0385).

Snarf, a 4-month-old male DLH gray tabby, is just a little shy (case 0384).

Chloe, a 1-year-old black-and-white female, loves to purr (case 0311).

The Orangeburg SPCA adoption hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first and third Saturdays. We are located at 225 Ruf Road and our phone number is 803-536-3918. Check out our available adoptions on the internet at:, our interactive website at and our Facebook page at Orangeburg SPCA.

The shelter will be closed Saturday July 2 for the Fourth of July weekend.


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