Dogs and puppies

King, an 8-month-old Great Pyrenees/Shepherd-mix, loves people (case 0208).

Toby, an 8-month-old Great Pyrenees/Shepherd-mix, is going to be large (case 0207).

Blaise, a 1-year-old male Dachshund-mix, very shy, needs a patient owner (case 0200).

Kiwi , a 10-week-old female Lab/Hound-mix, wants to be involved in everything (case 0199).

Asti, a 9-week-old female Border Collie/Lab-mix, gives puppy kisses (case 0194).

Willow, a 10-week-old female black Lab-mix, is super sweet (case 0180).

Cali, a 10-week-old female Lab-mix, is a real party animal (case 0179).

Dexter, a 10-week-old male black Lab-mix, loves everyone (case 0178).

Rango, a 10-week-old male Shepherd/Boxer-mix, will steal your heart (case 0176).

Finn, a 10-week-old male Collie/Shepherd-mix, is a bundle of fur (case 0174).

Midnight, an 8-month-old female Terrier/Spaniel-mix, only 18 pounds (case 0171).

Penny, 10-week-old female Shepherd-mix, loves belly rubs (case 0169).

Jaxon, 10-week-old male Shepherd-mix, loves treats (case 0166).

Kota, a 13-month-old female Border Collie-mix, will be a great exercise partner (case 0143).

Paris, a 6-month-old female Hound-mix, is as sweet as sugar (case 0134).

Jojo, a 15-month-old female Spaniel/Jack Russell-mix, is the perfect house size (case 0099).

Chase, a 13-month-old male black Lab-mix, wants to be your best friend (case 0071).

Tech, a 5-year-old male Shepherd/Hound-mix, longs for the wide open spaces and has a reduced adoption fee (case 0028).

Bethel, a 1-year-old female Carolina dog, is just a little shy (case 0009).

Macon is a 1-year-old male Australian Cattle dog with a bobbed tail (case 0008).

Dusty, a 7-month-old female Hound-mix, was found tied to the shelter fence (case 0300).

Lily, a 16-month-old Doberman-mix, is full of tail wags (case 0227).

Benson, an 8-month-old male black Lab-mix, loves being outdoors (case 0223).

Reese, an 11-month-old female Lab/Terrier-mix, is super smart and playful (case 0199).

Tasha, a 1-year-old female Hound/Dalmatian-mix, would make a great running partner (case 0177).

Cats and kittens

Cinders, a 7-week-old black female, is affectionate and playful (case 0206).

Star, a 6-week-old female black-and-white, is soft and sweet (case 0205).

Whiskers, a 7-week-old male tabby, is definitely an original (case 0202).

Cookie, a 7-week-old female tabby, has an orange spot on her forehead (case 0201).

Atticus, a 7-week-old brownish/black male, is a bundle of energy (case 0191).

Fendi is a 7-week-old white male and just full of surprises (case 0188).

Yoshi, a 7-week-old female diluted calico, is as sweet as sugar (case 0187).

Puffin, a 7-week-old DMH gray, is a little fluff ball (case 0185).

Felix, an 8-week-old black-and-white male, just wants to be with you (case 0175).

Catsby, an 18-month-old male gray-and-white, acts like a kitten (case 0173).

Vesper, an 8-week-old female orange tabby, loves treats (case 0161).

Luna, 7-week-old beige female, is sweet and sassy (case 0160).

Gyro, 7-week-old beige male, has a very outgoing personality (case 0159).

Sugar, an 8-week-old orange female, as sweet as her name (case 0148).

Sonny is a 9-week-old orange male whose little motor runs all the time (case 0147).

Huey, a 9-week-old male tabby, is a typical little boy kitten (case 0146).

Daisy, a 9-week-old black-and-white female, has the softest fur possible (case 0144).

Peanut is a 1-year-old black female with gorgeous green eyes (case 0119).

Morris, a 15-month-old orange male, looks like his namesake (case 0113).

Minerva, a 1-year-old female tortie, loves to play (case 0077).

Tigger, a 1-year-old orange male tabby, is a real gentleman (case 0060).

Franco, a 1-year-old male black-and-white Siamese-mix, has a unique look – he is a special needs kitty (case 0033).

Jinx, a 6-month-old orange male, loves to be held (case 0024).

Misha, a 2-year-old female tabby, has an independent personality (case 0068).

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