Sunshine Pre-School Christmas Party with Santa Claus, December, 1951: In the days before public kindergarten existed there were several private pre-schools or kindergartens around Orangeburg. Shown here are the Sunshine Pre-School students at their Christmas Party with Santa Claus in December, 1951. Sunshine Pre-School was run by Mrs. Thelma Yonce and held in her home on Seminole Street. Pictured above are: 1) Keith Bricklemyer; 2) Christa Ann Hydrick; 3) Lanny Wolfe; 4) Jane Covington; 5) Mickey Perreyclear; 6) Charles O’Cain; 7) Carroll Yongue; 8) Andie Griffith; 9) Harriett Gilliam; 10) Barbara Lin Way; 11) Jo Ann Webster; 12) Connie Sue Odom; 13) Billy Young; 14) Ned Pendarvis; 15) Gene Atkinson; 16) Dale Antley; 17) Richard Turner; 18) Johnny Union; 20) Mac Bryant; 23) Mary Louise Irick; 24) Rickie Bolen, 25) Ronnie Salley; 27) Jimmy Burgess; 28) Sherrill Player; 29) Ellen Covington; 30) Joey Union; 31) Phillip Salley.

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