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Asking someone to prom is a big deal. Why not do it up big? Many teenagers in the past decade have asked this very question, giving way to the modern “promposal.”

If you are unfamiliar, a promposal is much more than asking someone to prom. It is about how you ask them.

After all, a big night deserves a big gesture.

Be authentic

While scouring the internet for great ideas and asking friends their opinions are a great place to start, don’t choose or be peer-pressured into a gesture that is out of your comfort zone.

We all worry about looking cheesy, but if it doesn’t feel natural it will definitely come off that way. Even if cheesy is your goal, that should look and feel true to your personality.

Don’t forget to keep the person you intend to ask in mind. Promposals are about getting that “yes” and leaving an impression. Nothing leaves a bigger impression than a gesture that says, “I know you.”

Don’t break the bank

Given their grand nature, promposals can easily be over the top. But they don’t need to be out of your budget. Sticking to a budget not only keeps your stress at bay, but forces you to be creative.

Think about how much money you can and want to spend, and don’t allow yourself to go over that number. Remember, prom can be an expensive event, and you don’t want to blow your savings just in the asking.

Buck tradition

It is 2018, ladies, so nothing says you have to wait around for the guys to ask. If there is someone you want to go to prom with — ask! There’s no reason for you not to join in on the promposal fun.

Film it

No matter what your plan is — big or small — ask a friend or family member to take photos or video.

Cameras on smartphones are of great quality and will do the trick. If all goes well, it will be a great memento of the experience and something you can share with friends and family later.


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