The Thalian Club of Orangeburg, which was founded in 1929, presented two daughters, three nieces and one son at its annual Debutante Ball on Saturday, Dec. 17. Mr. Gregory Kyle Crabb, president of Thalian Club, and Mrs. Crabb, along with mothers and aunts of the 2016 debutantes and son, greeted guests in the ballroom of Orangeburg Country Club.

Debutantes presented were Lauren Brooke Teague, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Curtis Terry, escorted by Michael Trenton Creech; Emma Limehouse Woolbright, daughter of Charles Hiram Williams II and Mrs. MacLean Limehouse Williams and the late Stephen Edward Woolbright, granddaughter of the Very Reverend and Mrs. Frank Limehouse III, escorted by Samuel Latimer Erwin Jr.; Catherine Ellis Shirer, niece of Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Shirer Jr., daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Richard Luther Shirer, escorted by Mr. Trevor James Cox; Rebecca Legare Stevenson, niece of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Preston Walter, daughter of Ms. Rebecca Walter Stevenson and Mr. Norman Williams Stevenson Jr., escorted by Mr. Michael Patrick Jennings; Margaret Louise Scalise, niece of Mr. and Mrs. David Reynolds Williams, granddaughter of Mr. Charles Hiram Williams II and the late Honorable Karen Johnson Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Christopher Scalise, escorted by Dylan Michael Thompson.

A son recognized as attending his first Thalian Debutante Ball was Samuel Latimer Erwin Jr. escorting Emma Woolbright Limehouse. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Latimer Erwin, grandson of Mrs. David Ladson Lybrand and the late Mr. Warren Noble Scoville.

Guest grandparents of debutantes invited were Mr. and Mrs. William Ralph Fanning, Edith Daugherty Woolbright, Ann Hughes Limehouse, James Linus Rodenborn, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lee Scalise and Sherry Lacorte Scalise.

Debutante daughters and sons presented at the 2015 Thalian Ball were invited this year as guests of Thalian; they were Hartley Marie Jennings, Carolina Olivia Summers, Holden Caroline Terry, Fielding Lewis Blanchard, William Henry Frierson, Marion Patrick McCurry, David Michael Pascoe III and Charles Ashton Way. Newly elected Thalian Club members for 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. William Larry Reynolds Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Craig Walters Smith were also invited to the ball as guests of the club.

Chairman of the 2016 debutante ball was Mrs. Scott Curtis Terry. Committee chairmen were Mrs. Dwight Carson Summers, Mrs. James Howard Shirer Jr., Mrs. Charles Hiram Williams II, Mrs. Tilden Frederick Riley III, Mrs. David Reynolds Williams, Mrs. Samuel Latimer Erwin Jr., Mrs. Lawrence Phillips Thackston III and Mrs. Dwight Welborn Frierson. Mrs. Robert Frank McCurry is Thalian debutante secretary and Mrs. Steve Griffin Patterson is Thalian membership secretary. Mrs. James Chesley Hunter Jr. is Thalian secretary and Mrs. Stuart Hyman Marcus is club treasurer.


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