Choosing a wedding gown can be one of the hardest decisions a woman makes. It is built up through history, through the media and through the sheer fact that it is most likely one of the most expensive garment purchases she will make in her lifetime.

Choosing a gown for a summer wedding can add to the stress, as a bride must consider how the heat might come into play. Here are a few dress options that pair perfectly with a summer wedding.


Ethereal wedding gowns have soft and feminine silhouettes. Romance is the name of the game with ethereal dresses. They’re ideal for the bride who covets billowing tulle or admires a beaded sleeve. Ethereal dresses also pair well with nature and are a fantastic option for the beach bride, or brides choosing to marry outdoors.


Forgo the complicated bustles, layers of tulle and overly embellished details in favor of a simple stunner. Remember, you want to wear the dress, the dress shouldn’t wear you. Dresses that stick to simple lines and luxe fabrics allow you to shine. Make sure it fits like a dream and you will feel like you’re in a fairytale all evening.

Off the shoulder

Open backs and plunging necklines are everywhere in bridal fashion these days, and while both are alluring options for flashing some skin, don’t overlook their more demure and classic, “off-the-shoulder” sister. Off-the-shoulder dresses scream romance but give more detail than strapless gowns. The best part? So many designers are incorporating the trend that you are guaranteed to find one in your style — whether covered in lace or a more structured satin fashion.


This is the time of year when the days are longer and the sun kisses the sky at dusk, throwing a pink haze over everything. Why not have your dress match the long summer nights in a blushing shade of pink? Blush-colored dresses range in hues of a whispery light pink to a deeper rose. Ombre dresses — or dresses that layer color to start lighter and deepen with the length of the dress — embrace the summer season with gusto and really allow a bride to flaunt some personality.


Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow both went short on their big day, and you can’t get more iconic than that. Embrace the summer heat, show some leg (tastefully, of course), and evoke a chic, old Hollywood style. Whether you choose a mini or a dress that shows your ankles but no more, you are guaranteed to have all eyes on you.


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