Melvin and I both grew up in South Carolina. We always had a crush on each other ever since we were around the age of 16. We never had a chance to date each other, but one night at a party, we shared the best kiss!

Only one person saw us kiss at the party. It was my loving Aunt Lorraine. How I wish she was here to see us get married. I lost my aunt in April of last year.

After that party, Melvin and I never saw each other again. He was in the Army National Guard and I took off to start my career with the United States Air Force.

It was September of 2015 when I saw Melvin's picture on Facebook. He was a friend of my cousin, Clarence Sumpter. I immediately felt the attraction that I felt 30 years ago. Melvin and I connected on Facebook in October of 2015 and shared a lot of heartbreaking experiences with each other.

In January of 2016, we arranged to meet up with each other. After much conversation, we decided that Super Bowl weekend would be the best time for Melvin to come off the road to spend the weekend with me.

Until that date, we talked every single night. We were anticipating meeting up with each other. We were both trying to prepare each other for flaws within ourselves. On the day when Melvin was to arrive, I developed severe anxiety. I was so nervous and scared, and Melvin also shared with me that he was feeling the same way. We just didn't know what to expect from each other being adults now.

When I drove to the truck stop after work to meet him, as soon as I laid my eyes on him I felt my heart just melt. I was still in love with Melvin Owens. All we could do was hug each other. We were so in love with each other after all these years!

It was an unforgettable moment. We had the time of our lives that weekend. Needless to say, we never wanted to leave each other.

In July of 2016, I suffered a tragic loss. Melvin was there for me. I lost the rock of my life, my dad. I thank God for bringing Melvin into my life.

In November, a few days after Melvin's birthday, my mom came to visit for two weeks. My brother and his wife, Erica, drove her up to North Carolina. My mom and I were sitting in the kitchen, and Melvin and my brother went to the store. Melvin came back and walked up to my mom and told her how much he loved me, then he got on his knees in front of me with a gorgeous engagement ring and asked me to marry him. I was so elated -- another unforgettable moment.

Now here we are planning our wedding and our life together. It’s like a dream come true. So in sync with GOD's plan!!!

Submitted by Dianna Shivers


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