A new wave of brides and grooms are redefining the way weddings are planned and executed — and the environment is at the forefront of their efforts.

According to a poll by the Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft, 66 percent of millennials believe there is solid evidence of global warming, and about 75 percent say it is because of human activity.

In turn, these environmental advocates are taking action by planning weddings that relay less on disposable products and fossil fuels and more on sustainable practices that can lead to a healthier environment.

Follow our suggestions below to integrate a little of this approach into your spring wedding.

Choose Earth-friendly vendors

One of the most meaningful steps you can take is to enlist the services of Earth-friendly vendors. These businesses are committed to following environmentally sound processes when producing and delivering their products, which can range from paper flower bouquets to sustainable invitations.

There are card companies that print their materials on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper or alternative non-tree fibers. Some businesses pledge to plant a tree for every order you make with them. Knowing you had a positive impact on the environment in your wedding planning will give you that extra feeling of satisfaction.

Choose local venues

The less distance you put between your church and reception hall, the less pollution you are inviting into the atmosphere through the burning of gasoline in the vehicles of your wedding party.

This seems like a small step, but consider how many cars will be traveling around town on the day of your wedding. Inviting 200 guests means you’re probably also inviting 50 to 100 vehicles onto your community’s roadways. That’s a large carbon footprint you could lessen by keeping things confined to the same building or ones that are close in proximity.

Recycle flowers

Many companies across the country collect flowers after weddings and re-purpose them for delivery to nursing homes and shelter facilities. By choosing to participate in such an arrangement, you are passing along some of the beauty of your wedding to even more people around you.

These companies also keep your flowers out of landfills by composting them into usable materials for gardens and other uses.

Look around in your area for these types of services or offer to do it yourself in collaboration with your local nursing homes or shelters.