SRR, Claflin sign agreement

Stuart MacVean, right, Savannah River Remediation president and project manager, and Dr. Henry Tisdale, Claflin University president, sign an agreement to help students prepare for careers, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.


Savannah River Remediation and Claflin University have signed a memorandum of understanding to help students prepare for careers, particularly in the science, technology, engineering and math areas.

The memorandum is designed to help strengthen the ties between SRR and the university. It includes:

Considering funding scholarships and/or critical STEM-related equipment.

Providing opportunities for summer interns at SRR.

Conducting career development seminars at the campus.

Supporting Claflin faculty by reviewing STEM curriculum offerings as compared to industry needs, and recommend improvements where appropriate.

Jointly participating in college and career fairs.

Supporting one-on-one mentoring relationships between SRR executives and junior/senior students for career advice and placement opportunities.

Considering Claflin and HBCU students for work opportunities.

Providing ways to assist veteran students in their college-to-work pursuit.

Determining if a cooperative education program could augment students’ experience at Claflin.

SRR is the liquid waste contractor at the Savannah River Site, which is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy.


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