Fall vegetable day Sept. 21

A Fall Vegetable Field Day, highlighting pumpkins and sweet potatoes, will be held at the Edisto Research and Education Center in Blackville, beginning at 8 a.m. on Sept. 21.

Indoor program topics include:

  • Sweet potato update -- Phil Wadl, USDA Charleston
  • Sweet potato weevil overview -- Rebecca Ann Schmid-Jeffris
  • SP weevil quarantine and monitoring -- Matt Howle

Following the indoor sessions (10 a.m.), the events move to the field with tours to include:

  • Pumpkin variety trial -- Mark Johnson, Doug Grant, New Zealand Hybrid Seed Co. Forty pumpkin varieties are included in the pumpkin variety trial, which includes ornamental decorative types, good eating, and Jack-O-Lantern-type pumpkins.
  • Sensor-based drip irrigation in sweet potatoes, Gilbert Miller
  • Sweet potato variety trial (14 varieties) -- Phil Wadl, Gilbert Miller
  • Sweet potato herbicide trial -- Matt Cutulle
  • Row potato digger demo -- Gilbert Miller

Get more meeting details from any of the contacts: EREC at 803-284-3343 Ext. 221, S.C. Department of Agriculture-Matt Cornwell at (803) 734-0467 or your local county agent.

Pesticide collection can canceled

COLUMBIA –The S.C. Department of Agriculture has canceled three events for the Waste Pesticide Disposal Program due to the threat of Hurricane Irma, including the one scheduled for Sept. 12 in St. Matthews.

Plans for makeup dates will be announced.


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